Siem Reap Itinerary: 3 Days (Angkor Wat)

Angkor Wat Path Cambodia Siem Reap Relief Temple

It’s taken awhile to finish worrying about Cambodia. Scattered across the country are monks and temples and farms and Killing Caves and further details of a tragic past that’s hard to comprehend no matter how many times you hear about it. A visit to the Angkor temples has become a hallmark of the modern “bucket … Read more

Farm to Fermentation: Food in Nantou, Taiwan

Fermentation is an age-old process, constantly happening, often aided by human obsession. Alive & well in Taiwan, the natural wonder of fermentation is responsible for some of your favorite flavors. Fine Foods From Fermentation I imagine it would be difficult to get though the day without eating something fermented. In chocolate school, one of the first … Read more

What is EPIK Orientation Like? (English Program in Korea)

A month ago I had an 11pm curfew. Yes, as an adult. Attending EPIK Orientation My ridiculous curfew was at my orientation for teaching English through the EPIK Program here in Korea. And yes, I attended a late orientation nearly a month after I arrived here. Exactly one month ago today, actually. The schedule had us booked from … Read more

Daytrip From Seoul: Hani Lavender Farm (하늬 라벤더 팜)

Have you ever wanted to wander through a lavender field in full bloom, and then lamented not being in Europe in the summertime? Enter: Hani Lavender Farm. Welcome to the late springtime flower fields of your dreams, located just south of the DMZ, in Goseong County! If you’re coming to Korea in May, June or … Read more

The Future of Korean Tourism (Expat Perspective)

Have you seen a foreigner today? Since moving to rural Korea over a year ago, I’ve seen one every morning when I look in the mirror. I’ve become the foreigner for most people I meet. This new and constant out-of-place sensation has made me seek to understand it, leading me to then research Korean culture … Read more

How to Spend Halloween in Seoul

Halloween in Seoul is only a weekday affair if you’re a kid, and especially if you have American English teachers, who are notorious for week-long celebrations of the holiday. So two weeks ago, all official dates for the holiday were disregarded and the adults took their turn, on the weekend. Halloween in Seoul was upon us. Heading … Read more