How & Why to Visit CoEx Coffee Expo in Seoul

If you’ve ever been to Seoul, you’ve seen the evidence of thousands of coffee shops, one or two per corner. Over the last couple of decades, coffee has also managed to invade the homes of millions of Koreans, and stage several annual coffee festivals in Seoul and all across Korea. Korean coffee culture has gained … Read more

Review: Getting Laser Eye Surgery in Korea (By Yourself)

It’s now been exactly three months since my laser eye surgery in Korea, and I am officially out of the danger zone. *November 2021 update: four years after the initial operation, I started needing a little support in my right eye, but I still don’t need glasses for it. Big ups to Haneul Clinic in Gangnam! … Read more

​Respect: The Language Of Korean Culture

You’re always growing into different levels of respect in Korea, even if you’re not really growing as a person. The Basics of Korean Social Hierarchy In the US, you have to earn respect in the hierarchy, for the most part, and this tends to result in a more egalitarian view of others. One’s 80-year-old racist and sexist uncle is … Read more

Seoul Salon du Chocolat: Visit The Seoul Chocolate Festival

Cacao Family Jeju cutting chocolate caramels

Seoul is bursting at the seams with people and palaces (we’ve got 5) and places to eat. We must have at least one citizen from every country— sometimes we even send them to represent their embassies at trade shows. But when that trade show is for fine chocolate, well, you know you moved to the correct … Read more

Okinawa Itinerary: 5 Days in Japan’s Winter Island Paradise

When people dream of visiting an island paradise, rarely do their minds drift beyond the possibilities of the South Pacific or the Caribbean. So here’s another possibility, with just as many beaches and tropical fruits, and some impressively good chocolates: the southernmost islands of Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa in winter, the climate is warm and … Read more

51 Travel Tips for Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is one of the two or three countries in Asia I cannot wait to come back to. ​The calmness blanketing the country is amazing, but add in the beautiful temples, grand open spaces, and delicious food, and I left hooked. I was actually quite nervous before visiting, because it was such an expensive side … Read more