17 South Korea Travel Tips (From a Longtime Resident)

When I first came to Korea, I made the mistake of thinking that I could just wing it and survive in a totally different culture without almost any preparation. Within my first week, I’d read every article on South Korea travel tips available on the internet. It was embarrassing coming to Korea without knowing how … Read more

21+ Things to Do in Summer in Korea (Complete Guide)

Summer in Korea can get devastatingly hot, humid, and rainy due to the East Asian monsoon patterns. Most guides would tell you that it’s best to avoid the month of summer in Korea, since the weather is generally temperamental, uncomfortable, and crowded. However I’ll add one point in monsoon season’s favor, as during the summer, … Read more

How to Respectfully Address People in Korea (Beginner’s Guide)

Foreigners might find themselves stumped when they realize that conversing in Korean is not as easy as one might think. When it comes to addressing people in Korean, speakers should keep in mind that there’s a hierarchy they need to familiarize themselves with. How you say simple things like “hello” depend upon what kind of … Read more

How to Visit Banpo Bridge in Seoul (Rainbow Bridge)

When most people think about Seoul, it’s usually about the futuristic architecture, modern buildings, and vast technological innovations. While most of these buildings appear plain at first glance, you’ll slowly notice how Seoul injects creativity into them, proving that masterpieces do not need to reside within museum walls. This extends to creations like the Banpo … Read more

9 Apps for Korea (What to Download Before You Go)

Seoul has so many things in store for travelers, especially for the tech-heads among us. This extends beyond the apps to download before going to Korea, and extends into the realm of next-generation advances. After exiting Incheon International Airport, you’ll be surprised to see many such innovations, like coffee being served by a robotic arm … Read more

15 Places to Visit in Seoul for Free

Seoul truly is an expensive destination. Whether it is a traditional or modern hotspot, its landmarks are teeming with locals and tourists alike, and exciting events often occur regularly; curious people take out their wallets just to see what’s happening. Those who come to Seoul for the food can get overwhelmed with what’s on offer … Read more

7 Best Night Markets in Seoul (For Tourists AND Locals in 2022)

The pandemic did a number on South Korea’s businesses during the first year, with thousands of shops closing, reducing heavy foot traffic in popular Seoul night markets, like Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. Sure people had ways to shop on their phones, with online shopping becoming the most heavily-utilized service in Korea during this period, but that didn’t generally … Read more

Things To Do in Seoul at Night (Complete Guide)

In South Korea, night time is when people come out to play— it’s the other half of the country’s notorious “work hard, play hard” philosophy. Bright, colorful lights illuminate the streets, especially on the weekends, as people saunter in their best outfits to dance the night away or explore a nearby night market. Seoul at … Read more

7 Places to Go Hiking in Seoul (for Free!)

Hiking in Seoul has long been a Korean pastime, but the word ‘pastime’ is a bit of an understatement. Koreans love hiking, and if they invite you to join them, they seriously mean that you will be trekking with them through the woods, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. The best hikes in Seoul are usually … Read more