Why Koreans Don’t Speak English

Controversial opinion alert: Koreans don’t speak English well, for all of the time they spend on it. Learning a new language is a mind game, but that means it comes down to acquisition ability and motivation, each complicated in their own right. But I’ve had this post half-written for years, since shortly after I moved … Read more

Korean Coffee Culture: Instant Coffee to Siphon Drip

Many Koreans both young and old enjoy lingering for an hour or two over a café latte, especially on weekend afternoons. In the evenings, bigger cafes in Seoul usually sell bottles of beer and cake by the slice. Even during the holidays and in the middle of summer, Korean cafes are as crowded as ever. Nobody wants to … Read more

Complete Guide to Massages In Asia (Cheapest Countries)

This is the guide to Asia massages that I’d always looked for online before visiting a new country, but never found. It might sound random, but whilst traveling I’ve always wanted to know if I could even find massages in my next destination, as I’m hunched over a computer for most of every day. But … Read more

19 Tips for Learning Korean Language + Alphabet Quickly

My latest round of Talk To Me In Korean Books.

After 3+ years living in rural South Korea, I’ve picked up lots of tips for learning Korean quickly, mostly from needing to understand my coworkers. Having moved abroad without even being literate in Korean, I cannot understate how intimidating it can be to try and navigate a new life in Korea without knowing Korean. Unless … Read more

How & Why to Visit CoEx Coffee Expo in Seoul

If you’ve ever been to Seoul, you’ve seen the evidence of thousands of coffee shops, one or two per corner. Over the last couple of decades, coffee has also managed to invade the homes of millions of Koreans, and stage several annual coffee festivals in Seoul and all across Korea. Korean coffee culture has gained … Read more